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You started your business with the idea of it growing into something you never imagined it could be. You, as a startup entrepreneur, know that it is the products and services you sell that make your profits grow. Learn more about how they can clean up negative articles at

But, in addition to the products and services you put on the market, your reputation plays a large role in your business success. When you have to start protecting your reputation from others, then you want to have a group in your corner to help.

There are those who are jealous of the success you are enjoying. Some of those people will try to bring your business down by attacking you online. And, if they are successful in their attacks, your customers and potential customers will start believing what they are reading, even if you know it’s not true. What do you do?

Don’t fight back. That is not the way to convince your current customers that you and your company is steady handed. Let your customers know that even though they see the attacks as well, they will receive even more great value from you, and that they will see business continuing just like it always has. Make sure you check out the website

Stay focused on what you are doing and if you need to vent, then do that with those you trust. Lastly, remember why you started your business in the first place. Your success will show others you are determined to succeed. In doing so, you will grow your business because actions speak louder than words.

Wengie Face Massage Tutorial Recap

In this video, YouTuber Wengie explains that face massage is a natural way to slim your face that has been popular in Asia for many years. She names some of the benefits of this practice, including brightening complexion, tightening sagging skin, age spots, eye bags, and removing toxins and bloating. She notes that drinking lots of water and eating a low-sodium diet will help reduce bloating even more to complement the effects of the facial massage.

She names some possible massage tools including a large Chinese spoon, a plastic face massager, handcrafted stone tool. Wengie also notes that you will need a facial or cleansing oil to act as a lubricant to avoid skin irritation while moisturising. She then lists things to avoid during facial massage. The first is not to use any sharp or harsh tool. The second is to ensure the skin stays well lubricated so you don’t damage your face. Her third tip is to avoid massaging any areas of broken skin since they are already irritated and getting oil in them might cause infection. Before starting the actual tutorial, Wengie explains the basics of the practice including using firm pressure, using your hand to hold your skin taught, and working from the top of your face downwards.

Finally, Wengie demonstrates the massage technique, starting with putting oil on her face. She explains that you should scrape in an upward motion on all parts of the face except the neck. She massages her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and jawline. She scrapes downwards from the neck toward the body so it can flush out all the toxins that had been in her face. She ends by comparing her facial measurements before and after the massage and sees that she lost 10mm.


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Securus Has The Best App For Prison Communications

I was wondering how I could see my father because he was in jail, and I knew that I needed to do something about it because he was so far away. I did not have a lot of options, but then I ran across a PR Newswire feature about the Securus app. I really like that app, and I am very happy with the way it works. You might not have used it before, but I can show you how it works because it is so easy to manage. I downloaded the app on my phone the first day, and I was already ready to make calls.
The app from Securus is very easy to use because you sign on, and then you choose who are calling. I know prison ministry people who use this, and they just choose the inmate they want to call. Then they get to have a video feed that shows what is going on for them. They show how easy it is to get connected, and then you get a video connection that is very easy to manage. I have been on these calls for long periods of time, and it is nice to see the person on the other end of the line when you place your call.

I have got all the people in the family using Securus, and I am sure that we are going to keep getting great results as long as we stay with Securus America. They have the best video call technology, and they have created a platform that literally anyone can use at any time. It is nice to know that I can make the calls so easily, and it is even better to know that I can get my whole family in on the act. We do not have to make that drive ever again.

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Understanding Medicare Advantage & How It Matters to You

Understanding Medicare Advantage plans really boils down to the difference between Medicare and Medicare private health care plans. A Medical Advantage plan is nothing more than a private health care plan that is there to provide customized Medicare. There are about one-third of people who opt to use a Medicare Advantage plan, so it is somewhat common. There are many types of Medicare Advantage plans, but you should at least be familiar with some of the more common ones, like Health Maintenance Organizations, which are mostly known as HMO’s.

Another type of a Medicare Advantage plan is called Preferred Provider Organizations or more commonly referred to as PPO’s. The last type to know about is the Private Fee-For-Service plan, which is usually just called a PFFS.

The one thing that all these and other Medicare Advantage plans have in common is they have contracts with the federal government. The contract stipulates a specific amount that the government pays to provide Medicare benefits to their customers. Keep in mind that this is per person. This contract also means you will continue to have the rights under Medicare as a patient. The difference is you get the option to have other Medicare parts other than the one’s required by all Medicare Advantage plans, which are Part A and Part B. These Medicare parts cover different needs that you might need. Part A, for example, covers things like hospital care, skilled nursing care, home health care, and even hospice care. Part B covers things like doctor services, preventative care, hospital outpatient care, mental health, x-rays, ambulances, and laboratory tests just to name a few things.

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The benefit of InnovaCare Health is that your Medicare Advantage plan will pay for part of the Medicare Part B premium while you still have to pay for the Part A premium. You also have the option of adding other parts, such as Part D that extends prescription drug benefits, which is one of the benefits of using a Medicare Advantage plan.

Some of this may sound a little complicate, which is the reason you should make sure that you choose a company like InnovaCare that is run by experts like Rick Shinto, MD who is the President and Chief executive of the company. Like Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative officer of InnovaCare. The reason you want professionals on your side explaining some of these plans is because they can help you personalize your Medicare Advantage plan to benefit your specific needs. In essence, you will not be paying for things that you do not need.

You should remember that the good people in InnovaCare Health have served their clients for a long time and have one of the lowest dis-enrollment rates in the country. Of course, this is not their goal, because they want to get the satisfaction rate to 100 percent, and they will not rest until they reach it. 

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Brad Reifler Speaks About How Investors Can Ensure Success in Their Ventures

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has vast experience in management having served as Chief Executive Officer for major companies. Reifler has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Pali Capital, a global financial company that he founded in 1995. Before founding Pali Capital, Brad used to serve as a star trader at Refco. Reifler Trading Company was his first company which he sold to Refco in 2000. Brad has experienced massive success in every company he has worked due to his years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur.

According to CrunchBase, Brad currently owns Forefront Capital, LLC, which he founded in 2009. The investor works hard to expand himself as an established professional in matters of financial management. The Forefront umbrella has several subsidiaries including the Forefront Advisory, LLC, and the Forefront Capital. The entrepreneur has been able to acquire highly qualified professionals such as investment bankers and business leaders to work in the firm. The fully committed team of professionals have enabled the company to attain its goals. The good relationship between the organization and the community has opened plenty of opportunities for the business’ operations.

Brad Reifler took his time to explain to upcoming investors and entrepreneurs on how to achieve successful investment. Brad explains that any investor should be well updated on viable investing principles to be able to differentiate between making profits and suffering from losses.

Brad Reifler shared tips on how American Average investors can become a successful investor using resources at their disposal.

• Brad cautions future entrepreneurs to refrain from investing all their funds in the stock market. He states that the safety of your funds should be your priority.

• He also states that entrepreneurs need to employ trustworthy managers to invest their funds.

• Always have goals to fulfill before deciding on whether to invest your money or not. Make clear the reasons on why you want to invest your resources.

Brad has knowledge and experience from both sides of the investment field. He attended Bowdoin College where he studied a degree in Economics and Political Planning. He created Forefront Capital LLC after having served Pali Capital for over 13 years. After establishing Forefront Capital LLC, Brad started the Forefront Income Trust program that was aiming at non-accredited members to invest quarterly. Besides being the CEO, Brad is also committed to educating people on a good investment. Brad says that the lack of knowledge and understanding is the major factor that hinders people from investing their money wisely. To counter this, he has participated in various conferences where he interacts with potential investors.

Shaygan Kheradpir Makes A Comeback In The Capital Markets As The New CEO Of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is a talented business person who has encountered lots of success in his line of career. Investor Shaygan Kheradpir is a self-tailored investor who has worked for his accomplishments in the financial markets. Mr. Shaygan is a skilled expert in both the engineering and the business sector. Investor Shaygan has been hitting the headlines severally due to his ideas in taking the financial industry to new dynamics markets.

Engineer Kheradpir has managed to work with other investment firms such as Barclays, where he worked as the CTO of the company. He has also worked as the chief information officer of Verizon Communication Limited, a privately owned company that offers telecommunication solutions at a global level. Kheradpir works in close association with other technology experts to deliver top-notch network services to the esteemed clients.

Shaygan has been making remarkable comebacks in the financial markets. Recently, Coriant Solutions Limited named Shaygan as the CEO of the company, a release that was made by BC Exploration news. According to Coriant Company, Kheradpir has been working in close association with the company, as he was acting as a senior partner in Marlin Partners. Coriant’s solutions top executives also added that his expertise will profoundly help raise the particular operations of Coriant’s solutions to new markets dynamics.

Being signed as the CTO of Barclays Limited, Kheradpir primary responsibility was maintaining a stable technology channel in the company. He supervised all special operations involving investment banking, retail cards, and corporate management to more than 40 countries. Kheradpir highly contributed to the transformation of Barclays by managing the company’s retail department and institutional products. His technological innovation made the company record a saving of more than $4.5 billion dollars last year.

In Verizon Communications, Investor Shaygan served as the vice president of the enterprise, where his primary roles involved management of technology innovations. He also served as the head of Verizon Communications business units. Shaygan is a qualified investment banker who pioneered the introduction of the front office department. Kheradpir Shaygan hit the limelight of his career after introducing the fiber network systems in the telecommunications industry, a program that he developed and pioneered.

Sir Kheradpir began his career 29 years ago, where he worked with GTE Limited, a private limited company that offered communication solutions at a global onset. In GTE Company, Kheradpir helped minimize the operations cost of the company, after establishing an efficient core system that was developed using the modern technological systems. He also worked as an electrical engineering officer of an IT University based in the United States.


Wen By Chaz is a Top Hair Care Product

Wen by Chaz Dean is one of the numerous hair care products on the market. This product is in the form of a lather that is used to help maintain your hair. Recently there was a woman who tested the product for one week. During the week she would evaluate the results and on each day she noticed that the product had very positive effects on her hair. Over the course of the week she noticed that her hair was getting stronger, staying healthy and also looking fuller and shinier. Each day she was seeing improvement in the quality of her hair. As a result she believes that Wen hair By Chaz [] is a top hair care product that will make you look and feel better. She recommends this to everyone but especially people with thin and fine hair.
What makes Wen hair one of the best hair care products is the positive effects it has on your hair. When using this product, users will first experience seeing their hair look fuller. This means that the hair will look to have a thicker composition and will therefore be more appealing. Another effect of this product is that it makes your hair stronger and remain intact. Unlike a lot of other hair care products, Wen By Chaz doesn’t have chemicals that damage your hair and it instead strengthens the hair. Using Wen by Chaz also gives your hair a very good scent along with deeply cleansing the hair. These two effects give your hair the cleanliness that you often look to get when washing your hair with a hair care product.

Users of this sephora endorsed product will benefit from using a product that has natural ingredients. These natural ingredients give your hair the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy. The natural ingredients consist of a number of extracts from bark and plant and therefore give the product a very unique composition.

SearchCleanUp.Com Should Be Called In When A Reputation Is Harmed

A reputation can end up being wrecked online rather quickly. Without warning, businesses suffer losses due to the publishing of reputation harming content or media online.


The sources and forms of “bad things” that may proliferate on the internet are legion. No matter what the root of negative commentary may be, the effects are likely to be disastrous. BCBusiness goes into great detail in a comprehensive article that addresses all the drama and headaches entrepreneurs have to face.


Sadly, businesses do have to deal with disgruntled or jealous people who are capable of causing the ruination of a brand name. Customers are not the only ones who might add something unflattering to the internet. Malicious and false bad reviews may be published online by any number of persons with an axe to grind. Harmful chatter may appear in social media and other online venues. None of these things are good for a business so the desire emerges to counteract the commentary. This is not a bad idea, but getting into online jousting matches with detractors definitely would be a poor choice. Instead, it is best to come up with ideas that would help continue to draw in customers and mitigate some of the existing damage.


Ultimately, the main problem a business ends deals with when facing negative commentary is the drowning out of positive sentiments. The way to deal with such a mess is to produce more positive material. All those awful things in the search engines have to be pushed down and out of site. The actual process for doing this is called Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). is a service capable of cleaning up bad news online and handling it well.


Not everyone even knows how bad their search engine results really are. No one checked things out to see what Google or Bing are reporting. Not staying current with the search engine rankings and listings would be a bad idea. Running a search will tell the tale of what other people are seeing. These other people are, in all likelihood, a host of potential customers.


Upon seeing really negative material in the results, the aggrieved party should check out Only with the help of skilled professionals can such a major online mess be straightened out.


Participating in Precious Metals Trading with the U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve is a private supplier of silver, gold and platinum products that are government issued. The firm’s website states that it was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Hundreds of Thousands of Americans and foreigners benefit from the enterprise’s services whereby, they can spread their fortune to valuable metals such as U.S gold and silver coins.

The company identifies commodities that have the best profit potential for precious metal buyers with the help of its highly trained specialists in the coin research and numismatic sectors. The firm’s determination goes past the typical industry standards to providing excellent customer services that build a robust and long-lasting relationship with all its clients.

The U.S Money Reserve takes corporate social responsibility seriously and has helped in various community developed projects. It recently participated in the raising of three thousand dollars to fund Austin Police Department’s Operation Santa Blue. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

The company’s current President, who is a former U.S Mint Director, Philip Diehl, was recently interviewed at the Enterprise Radio of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network by Eric Dye. Mr. Dye is a host of an informative show that gives a platform for SME owners, entrepreneurs, and top executives to share their latest business plans, services, products, inventions, and experiences.

Mr. Diehl has visited various media houses this year, where he has had interviews and talked about the superb customer service offered by the U.S Money Reserve, the gold industry’s progress, and his leadership history.

The PR Newswire published an article which described Mr. Diehl as one of the U.S Mints most successful directors, due to his achievements such as the creation of the 50 States Quarter Project and the founding of the pioneer U.S government distributed platinum coin.

Philip told reviled how they changed a timid company into a valid business agency. The firm committed six years to refining its customer service and in the end, it became one of America’s leading companies in serving its clients.  Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Since Philip Diehl moved to the U.S Money Reserve, he has been applying the same business techniques and has been devoted to fulfilling the needs of the firm’s clients. His skills have facilitated the rising of the company to one of the best in the distribution of coins, bars, and bullion that are U.S government issued.

The U.S Money Reserve created a self-guided IRA Program in 2016 that will make possible for people to protect their retirement fortune by owning gold and earning profits as the precious metal’s prices grow.

Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

Tips for Rebuilding Your Online Presence

With so many people looking up company information online, it is an absolute must that you have a good reputation on the Internet. If your reputation is lacking or if it is difficult for people to find you through search engine results, this can negatively affect your company and its potential growth. When you are looking to repair your reputation, you might try to do this on your own. You might try to comment back on those negative reviews or you might assume that you need to put keywords throughout your content just to bring in new clients who might be searching for your firm.

The truth is that it is often a better option to hire an online reputation management firm like Search Cleanup that can be found at This is a company you can trust and one that will do everything within their power to repair and clean up any bad news online. By hiring Search Cleanup and, you will be able to expand your company and get it to where it needs to be in order for you to stay in business and make the money that you require to do well and be a success.

If you are dealing with poor management issues and you have negative reviews on the Internet, Search Cleanup is there to assist in just about anything that they can. This will thoroughly change the way that you do business and can be a great option for both brand new company owners as well as those who might have been in business for quite some time. Now that you know how beneficial it is for you to hire a company like Search Cleanup, it is all about contacting their firm and seeing what they will be able to do for you and your company. This is an ideal option for all types of businesses and can make a world of difference in your life because of the work that you are getting done and the fact that you can bring in brand new clients constantly.