Arthur Becker’s Wild Ride in Finance and Real Estate

When we pursue our careers we hope to come to some sort of successful end. Some of us try to be the greatest sock brokers around while others focus on inventing something that can change the world. Arthur Becker, now a real estate mogul in New York, has found success in multiple industries. Let’s take a look at the wild, unpredictable, and completely successful career of one Arthur Becker. Who knows? Maybe we can learn something from his work.

You have to go back to the early 2000’s in order to find Arthur Becker’s first big win in the business world. While working as a stockbroker he managed to invest in just the right tech companies, bringing him his first fortune. Most people would see this as the end of their journey and just take some time to enjoy those earnings. Not Arthur Becker. Instead of sitting back and relaxing the man realized that now was the time to start pushing. Since then Becker has gotten himself involved in a variety of different investments and some of them have really hit it off.

In an article on The Real Deal, when it comes to investing the rule of thumb is to diversify. Arthur Becker’s early investments can read like a list of random subjects but they are anything but. For Becker, these were things he was passionate about so he chased that feeling to find profits. Becker invested in ancient currency found in Nigeria and Cameroon due to his affinity for history and art. Becker supposes that investing in ancient currency was a mirror to his modern approach in the banking world. Becker states, “These days, people put a lot of things on money that people used to put on their gods: security, romance, hope, safety. Money becomes the object of these aspirations.”

Arthur Becker would go on to really push himself into the real estate world. He recently bought a development project at 465 Washington Street in New York. His goal with this building is to turn it into an 8-unit boutique condo that blends his passion for art with his love of all things up scale. We’re excited to see how it turns out! More details can be found on Crunchbase.