The Philanthropy of Dick DeVos and the DeVos Family

Dick DeVos and his family have been making a great number of contributions to many different causes. This is why I am a fan of the DeVos family. I have seen successful businessmen give, but I can’t recall a time when I have seen so many people from the same family that have given as much as the DeVos family.

Dick is certainly the masterful businessman that has orchestrated a wave of giving. He is the man that has made the decision to give back to education in a huge way. DeVos and his wife have started a foundation that fuels the giving to education, and this is so beneficial to all the children in Michigan.

As someone that has lived in Michigan I know that any donations to education can be a change in the right direction. Dick DeVos is directly helping improve the economy by donating to the education of children.

DeVos has been able to bring a lot of money to the table for charities because he has been able to make a lot of money over the years. He has followed the footsteps of his father, and that has caused him to be gain a lot of insight on how businesses operate. This gave him the opportunity to maximize profits and build up a charity that would give him the chance to give back.

Dick has been a successful philanthropist that has even inspired me. DeVos has done a great job with building a legacy, and this has made a lot of his family members get involved as well. He has children that have started to give. He has siblings that are giving. The concept of philanthropy is something that people from the DeVos family believe in quite heavily.

I think that their faith is something that compels them to give, but there is more to it than that. Dick DeVos is also someone that has seen how much his family has. He feels that he has been privileged. His children have had the privileges that were even greater than his. What I believe is that he has started to realize that there are not a lot of kids that have this same type of privilege. He realizes that children that do not get proper education will not have the chance to follow their dreams. He wants to give children a fair chance with proper education.