Discover a company like no other, AXA Group Advisors

The AXA Advisors, LLC current vice preside is Vincent Parascondola. He is a well-established career man, having a vast experience in the sector of over 25 years. He has serviced at different organization and made them successful. His leadership style has made him receive a lot of awards like GAMA’s Career Development Award and the Mastery agency prize. He is also a known speaker and has featured in many talks like the LIMRA’S distribution conferences among many others.

The Axa Advisors, LLC is a company they got established in the year 1816.It has been providing the insurance services to clients globally. The companies being in existence for long and offering the quality services have made Vitali et al. rank it as the second active corporate regarding the ownership and also corporate share. The large company size has got facilitated by their policy of merging other firms to form a reliable company. Among the c cooperates it has purchased include the UAP and the Gurdial Royal Exchange and the Winterthur Group

The company’s headquarters are in the arrondissement of Paris. The firm has operations in different continents globally like the Middle East, Mexico, in Asian Pacific, in Africa, United States, and France. Operating in the various countries has made the organization have significant profits.

Unlike other bodies, the AXA Advisors get known for their philanthropic activities. They have got concerned about improving the life of the communities through their numerous charities and grants. Moreover, they have a foundation the AXA volunteers that provide the volunteering services to community’s .they mainly focus on making the organization a better place to reside and are concerned with the improvement of the environment. Other aspects they look into include the health and disease prevention, accident prevention, at-risk youth and financial education. They achieve this in collaboration with the nonprofit organizations in different communities. Other programs include the matching gifts. A program centered to the AXA Us employees that give them the chance to have the funds ushered towards projects that of importance to them. The organization has also formed the AXA disaster relief matching gifts programs. It’s aimed at ensuring they curb or prevent the impact of the catastrophic events that have been on the rise.