Bustle Delivers an Unbiased 7-Day Review of Wen by Chaz

Everyone has probably heard about Wen by Chaz, which is a product made by Chaz Dean and promises great hair results, but getting an unbiased review is what really matters, and Bustle delivered one. Chaz Dean has been promoting the product for a few years now and has spoken about the natural ingredients within the product. The hair cleanser contains ingredients that are very important for the hair, like glycerin. Glycerin is naturally occurring and keeps hair moisturized. This gives hair luster and that bounce that most people desire. Chaz Dean sells his products on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora. It can also be ordered online on Amazon.com.
The person who decided to review WEN by Chaz for the rest of the world thought that a seven day test was good enough, so she began her experiment. The product comes in an attractive container that makes one feel like it is fashionable but also natural. The ingredient list is not long, which is what you want to see when it comes to natural products. The young reviewer was first taken aback when she learned how much of the cleanser she had to use each time.

The young reviewer, Emily, was definitely worried because she has very thin hair, meaning the shampoo might weigh down her hair instead of leaving it plump and full. Of course, she did not let that stop her from continuing her job. At first, her hair seemed nice and plump, but the next morning it was greasy. She was appalled since it normally takes a few days for her hair to get a little dirty. Emily had to use the product once again. This continued on, and her hair adjusted to the product since she was not waking up to greasy hair anymore. The cleanser began to make her hair look much fuller than she had experienced before. So, at least to Emily, Wen by Chaz delivers, eventually.

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