Wengie Face Massage Tutorial Recap

In this video, YouTuber Wengie explains that face massage is a natural way to slim your face that has been popular in Asia for many years. She names some of the benefits of this practice, including brightening complexion, tightening sagging skin, age spots, eye bags, and removing toxins and bloating. She notes that drinking lots of water and eating a low-sodium diet will help reduce bloating even more to complement the effects of the facial massage.

She names some possible massage tools including a large Chinese spoon, a plastic face massager, handcrafted stone tool. Wengie also notes that you will need a facial or cleansing oil to act as a lubricant to avoid skin irritation while moisturising. She then lists things to avoid during facial massage. The first is not to use any sharp or harsh tool. The second is to ensure the skin stays well lubricated so you don’t damage your face. Her third tip is to avoid massaging any areas of broken skin since they are already irritated and getting oil in them might cause infection. Before starting the actual tutorial, Wengie explains the basics of the practice including using firm pressure, using your hand to hold your skin taught, and working from the top of your face downwards.

Finally, Wengie demonstrates the massage technique, starting with putting oil on her face. She explains that you should scrape in an upward motion on all parts of the face except the neck. She massages her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and jawline. She scrapes downwards from the neck toward the body so it can flush out all the toxins that had been in her face. She ends by comparing her facial measurements before and after the massage and sees that she lost 10mm.


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