Andy Wirth Is Bringing People into the Great Outdoors

Study after study these days is confirming what most people already know. That human beings feel happier and are healthier when they get off the couch and get into the great outdoors. But at the same time knowing something intellectually and actually doing something about it are often two very different things.

Getting people into the adventure they know they want can require a special type of leadership. And that’s why the recent announcement that Andy Wirth is now chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board has garnered so much attention.

Both man and position share a very similar goal. Both are all about convincing people to give in to their hearts desire and actually spend some time in the wonder of the natural world.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The board position is centered around the idea of helping people use the existing transportation infrastructure to enjoy the world. Air travel is now shockingly ubiquitous. And one can easily sample some of the most amazing locations in the world. Traveling in the same continent by plane is even easier.

The board is continually working to show people just how easy it can be. And at the same time they’re working to show people exactly why heading off into the world is such a great idea.

It’s some very passionate people devoted to the idea of showing people how to help themselves by taking advantage of state of the art infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Andy Wirth has devoted his life to something very similar. As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski he’s spent a great deal of time helping people discover the natural beauty of his domain. This isn’t simply about showcasing his own property either. He’s gone to great lengths to ensure that visitors are able to enjoy not only his land, but adjacent properties as well.

Andy Wirth has always had a strong devotion to the idea of enjoying all of nature’s bounty. Even in the face of some rather severe injuries he’s been able to continually venture forth into nature again and again.

It’s hard to imagine any better spokesman for the idea of getting the most out of the natural world. And this is why his recent appointment is being greeted with so much attention.