Solving Crimes Using the Securus Technologies New Phone System

One of the things you learn as a police detective is finding ways to get evidence to solve cases in the most creative of ways. The days of getting informants to rat on their family and friends is getting more challenging because these people are terrified what the suspect could do to them or their family. Each day that passes, evidence and eyewitness memories fade away, so we have to be working quickly to find new leads.


One of the things I do as soon as I m asked to solve a crime is to head over to our local jail to talk with friends and family of the suspect. Behind bars, many inmates will not even talk to a police officer for fear they are labeled a rat and made to pay the price. That being said, we still were using the inmate phone system to monitor calls and try and catch a break that way.


The trouble with listening in on inmate phone calls is they are aware we are on the line, so they either don’t say anything incriminating or they speak in code. That was all about to change however, when Securus Technologies installed a brand new inmate communication system and trained us on the LBS software. If you listen to CEO Rick Smith tell you, his Dallas based company of 1,000 employees are working hard day and night to make the world safer for us all. We were about to put that objective to the test.


I started listening to a family member of our suspect who was in jail giving advice to his mother that he wanted passed on to our suspect about what to say and what not to say about this case. he mentioned some things only the guilty party could have known, and we used that testimony to not only arrest our suspect, but to put him away for years.


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