Bruce Bent II: New York Businessman Tycoon

Have you ever heard of Bruce R. Bent II ? He is an amazing American businessman and financial guru. His father invented the world’s first money market fund in 1970. Growing up with his father gave Bent II a keen sense of the financial world.

Money market funds also known as money market mutual funds that invest in short-term debt securities like the commercial paper and United States Treasury bills, to name a few. These money market funds are widely recognized to be as being safe as the bank deposits and providing a much higher yield. The primary type of customer that should have money market funds are investors. These money market funds are fully appropriate for investors who need the investment to become liquid, have an investment goal with a small time horizon or searching to diversify with a higher conservative investment.

Now on to Bent II’s life in which he was born in New York. He attended Northereastern University and then acquired his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. After college he began his amazing career in the financial industry. He has helped bankes, retail marketers, broke-dealers and various other financial institutions find creative financial solutions.

Bent’s career path eventually led him to be the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock is a top  financial management and technology company that aids in creative financial solutions. Bent II has made a name for himself as a great thinker, financial expert and investor.

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