How to look younger and keep your face heathy


Most people are not conversant with the face massage and sometimes end up causing bruises on their faces. However, the massage is natural and also improves the skin’s health.

Face massage comes from Gua sha, which is a traditional Chinese medicine technique. Many professionals who practice the face massage have to first perfect the technique as most of the practices are the same. Gua sha is used to curb the aging effects through:


  • Reducing sagging skins
  • Brightening the complexion and improving dull skins
  • Decreasing discoloration and aging spots
  • Maintaining eye bags and correcting puffy eyes
  • Reducing bloating and also removes toxins from the face


The benefits experienced from Gua sha are almost the same as those of face massage. The objectives of face massage are:


  • To make the face slimmer
  • To Improve the health on the face and skin
  • To make the face feel firm


The face becomes slimmer due to the removal of bloat. Furthermore, face massage gets rid of toxic materials, therefore, making the face to be healthier. It also helps the face to be firm due to the reduction of the sagging skin.

The art of face massage needs to be carried out carefully to avoid damages on the skin. These are tools that you need when doing it:

Facial massage tool

  • Facial massage tool
  • Facial oil or cleansing oil


Using the right tool makes the whole process effective. Some of the most recommended tools are Chinese spoon, plastic massager, and a stone massage. The best one is a unicorn face massage which is stone made.

Facial oil

The face needs to be lubricated using the right type and quantity of oil. The best ones to use are Rose hip oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and diamond oil.

When doing the face massage, it is advisable to avoid using the wrong tool, always ensure the face is well lubricated and also you should not touch any broken skin.

Wendie, a beauty blogger, demonstrates how the face massage needs to be carried out through an online video. She first measures the distance between her chin and ear.

The first step is to apply the oil on the face. Then, she uses the scrapping tool to scrape the forehead upwards. Later, she uses the thin part to massage the eyes. Next, Wendy moves to the cheek which she scrapes across and up followed by the scraping from the chin to the ear upwards. Finally, she scrapes the toxic materials down the neck.

The success of the massage highly depends on a healthy meal and also drinking enough quantity of water. When done in the right way, the effects can be instantly felt. She then measures the distance between the chin to the ear and notices that she has lost about 10 mm. The face massage should

be done for about 10 minutes.

Jose AuriemoNeto of the JHSF – Taking the Company to Newer Heights

JHSF is among the biggest companies in the real estate market in Brazil. The company operates throughout Brazil but has it’s headquarter at Sao Paulo in SP. The company offers a number of services to its clients across different areas. From purchase, sale, and lease of residential and commercial properties, the company is also involved in luxury hotels, airport business hotels, and other tourist activities in the country. JHSF was established in the year 1972 and since then has been at the forefront of the real estate industry in the country. A Huge amount of people is dependent on the company for innovative and quality services.

JHSF operates through its four primary subsidiaries, and they are an airport, residential properties, shopping, and hotel. The company is looking to expand its business beyond the borders of Brazil and taking a significant interest in larger real estate markets of New York, Miami and Punta Del Estate in Uruguay. Being a legendary company, the company is open to adopting new technology into its business to provide the highest level of service to its clients.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and the Chairman of the JHSF Group. Even after being one of the top executives of the company, he is actively involved in its operations and overlooks different projects of the company. There was a time when he shifted to New York for a few months along with his family while he was supervising the construction of a residential and hospitality high-rise in the city. Click here to know more.

JHSF was once a family owned business that was started by Jose’s father. Some of its oldest projects include the ParqueCidadeJardim Shopping complex which is one of the biggest tourist attractions today. The complex has hundreds of shops alongside residential towers and offices. The company continues to grow and expand its portfolio under the leadership of Jose. The company is dedicated to bringing innovative projects into Brazil to make it one of the biggest investment countries in the world. With its wealth of experience in the real estate industry and their highly qualified executives working for them, the company wants to a create a name for themselves in the world.

Highland Capital Partners with South Korean Pension for Healthcare Investment

Dallas based Highland Capital continues to extend its financial reach around the globe. While North Korean Chairman Kim tests his latest rockets, Highland Capital is partnering with the South Korean National Pension Service (NPS) to raise $147 million for investment in North America and Asia. Increasing economic ties has been the secret to America’s and Highland’s success.


“Healthcare Investment: Give and Take”


Interestingly enough, there are many public and private ties that are part of the aforementioned healthcare deal. One of the primary goals is to feed the healthcare needs of American and Korean citizens. A secondary goal is to create jobs. Highland Capital’s co-head of private equity Matt Jameson has pointed out that America’s population is aging:


“[t]he demographic ‘graying’ of America and increased access to healthcare services in Asia are driving greater utilisation levels and more complex consumer and government demands on the sector.”


In some ways, this Highland Capital Management plan might be well-aligned with American President Donald Trump’s healthcare focus. Instead of relying solely on government for solutions, it depends on partnerships between private and public organizations to solve problems. It is interesting that by turning to the NPS, the US is trusting not its own government for funding, but a foreign government.


“Fill Funding Gap”


The United States has many health care firms, which were depending on ObamaCare to save the day. They might have even written government grants into their budgets. When President Donald Trump cut ObamaCare, it led to the following statement by Highland’s Matt Jameson:


“[t]he healthcare industry in the U.S. faces a number of disruptive forces that acutely affect companies in the middle market.”


Thus, the new South Korean hedge fund will target investments in middle market medical firms in South Korea and North America. Thankfully, the Korean based Stonebridge Capital is assisting on that side of the “Big Pond” (the Pacific Ocean).


Capitalism has been one of the most successful economic systems when it ensures that everything is paid for. And, now with this new fund, healthcare firms in America and Asia can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Eric Pulier: A Man of Multiple Talents

Eric Pulier is a philanthropist, tech enthusiast, published author and entrepreneur. In the Daniel Budzinski Podcast, Eric shared his secrets on how to create a successful business. He gave some tricks and tips that entrepreneurs can use to start off their businesses. Mr. Pulier also emphasized the importance of innovation to enterprises, considering we’re living in the digital era.


Pulier is popular in the tech industry for his outstanding innovations. Having founded over fifteen companies, Eric Pulier is considered as a source of inspiration by many businesspeople. Some of the firms he owns include Duskstone, Service Mesh Incorporated, and Akana Software. Eric is a member of X-Price Foundation’s Innovation Board.


Since Pulier graduated from Harvard, he has helped raise millions for startups as well as charitable organizations. He has earned respect worldwide for his risk-taking abilities and philanthropic efforts. Eric believes in helping other people. He founded Starbright World to help kids suffering from various childhood diseases. The platform enables children to share their experiences with one another. Eric Pulier has also made generous contributions to several venture capital funds, which include Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures.


The amount of effort he puts into his projects is impressive. Eric gained interest in computer programming during his childhood. He established his first tech company when he was a teenager. His academic background is also interesting. Mr. Pulier attended MIT and Harvard. He was a writer for The Harvard Crimson. Additionally, he took part other academic activities as well as public relations.


Eric Pulier has invested a lot of time and money on tech startups and his personal ventures. He sold one of his companies for over $350 million. This is a real indicator of Eric’s ability to create value for the technology market. Over the years, he has received multiple philanthropic awards. In addition, different organizations and media platforms have recognized him for his entrepreneurship skills.


Mr. Pulier has authored a book titled “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” The book is ideal for business owners who want to run their businesses smoothly. Eric continues to empower other innovators around the world. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles with his family.



Solving Crimes Using the Securus Technologies New Phone System

One of the things you learn as a police detective is finding ways to get evidence to solve cases in the most creative of ways. The days of getting informants to rat on their family and friends is getting more challenging because these people are terrified what the suspect could do to them or their family. Each day that passes, evidence and eyewitness memories fade away, so we have to be working quickly to find new leads.


One of the things I do as soon as I m asked to solve a crime is to head over to our local jail to talk with friends and family of the suspect. Behind bars, many inmates will not even talk to a police officer for fear they are labeled a rat and made to pay the price. That being said, we still were using the inmate phone system to monitor calls and try and catch a break that way.


The trouble with listening in on inmate phone calls is they are aware we are on the line, so they either don’t say anything incriminating or they speak in code. That was all about to change however, when Securus Technologies installed a brand new inmate communication system and trained us on the LBS software. If you listen to CEO Rick Smith tell you, his Dallas based company of 1,000 employees are working hard day and night to make the world safer for us all. We were about to put that objective to the test.


I started listening to a family member of our suspect who was in jail giving advice to his mother that he wanted passed on to our suspect about what to say and what not to say about this case. he mentioned some things only the guilty party could have known, and we used that testimony to not only arrest our suspect, but to put him away for years.


Bruce Bent II: New York Businessman Tycoon

Have you ever heard of Bruce R. Bent II ? He is an amazing American businessman and financial guru. His father invented the world’s first money market fund in 1970. Growing up with his father gave Bent II a keen sense of the financial world.

Money market funds also known as money market mutual funds that invest in short-term debt securities like the commercial paper and United States Treasury bills, to name a few. These money market funds are widely recognized to be as being safe as the bank deposits and providing a much higher yield. The primary type of customer that should have money market funds are investors. These money market funds are fully appropriate for investors who need the investment to become liquid, have an investment goal with a small time horizon or searching to diversify with a higher conservative investment.

Now on to Bent II’s life in which he was born in New York. He attended Northereastern University and then acquired his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. After college he began his amazing career in the financial industry. He has helped bankes, retail marketers, broke-dealers and various other financial institutions find creative financial solutions.

Bent’s career path eventually led him to be the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock is a top  financial management and technology company that aids in creative financial solutions. Bent II has made a name for himself as a great thinker, financial expert and investor.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter.

The Commitment and Professionalism of USHEALTH Group Play Larger Role in Customer Acquisition

USHEALTH Group, a prominent health care insurance provider with quality delivery, is depending its commitment and professionalism to acquire more customers. It is mostly ensured with the focused management and dedicated advisors along with the support staff. The firm wanted to provide the best experience for its customers as it believes that good word of mouth can help getting more customers and also useful for brand building. While offering some of the best healthcare solutions in the industry, the firm still researches on what better can be brought to its quality conscious customers.

The insurance provider offers a number of customized products to address accidents, dental care, income protection, vision care, critical care, health benefits, etc. The firm has a policy that each customer is different and their requirements also. It has a dedicated team of advisors called USHEALTH Advisors who interact with each customer politely, understand their requirements, and offer unique solutions that are fit to the customer needs. The firm has two subsidiaries named National Foundation Life Insurance or NFLI and Freedom Life Insurance Company or FLIC. The solutions of the company are designed to serve the needs of individuals, families, and small business owners. The group has served around 15 million customers to date. Click here to know more.

The group offers efficient support services to the customers which include online access to account details, PPP network details, online assistance, and more. USHEALTH Group maintains its PPP network across the country, and this makes the customers access the network hospitals anywhere in the country easily. Additionally, the advisors of the firm are available at every corner and are available for immediate assistance and to guide to new services. The committed services offered by the group helped it to win accolades from various industrial bodies. USHEALTH Group is one of the best-rated insurance providers by Better Business Bureau (BBB) in U.S. The USHEALTH Advisors won the Gold Stevie Award in 2017 for providing excellent customer service and great sales data. Also, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge won the One Planet Awards for the business and professional excellence that helped the firm to shape over the years. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

Arthur Becker’s Wild Ride in Finance and Real Estate

When we pursue our careers we hope to come to some sort of successful end. Some of us try to be the greatest sock brokers around while others focus on inventing something that can change the world. Arthur Becker, now a real estate mogul in New York, has found success in multiple industries. Let’s take a look at the wild, unpredictable, and completely successful career of one Arthur Becker. Who knows? Maybe we can learn something from his work.

You have to go back to the early 2000’s in order to find Arthur Becker’s first big win in the business world. While working as a stockbroker he managed to invest in just the right tech companies, bringing him his first fortune. Most people would see this as the end of their journey and just take some time to enjoy those earnings. Not Arthur Becker. Instead of sitting back and relaxing the man realized that now was the time to start pushing. Since then Becker has gotten himself involved in a variety of different investments and some of them have really hit it off.

In an article on The Real Deal, when it comes to investing the rule of thumb is to diversify. Arthur Becker’s early investments can read like a list of random subjects but they are anything but. For Becker, these were things he was passionate about so he chased that feeling to find profits. Becker invested in ancient currency found in Nigeria and Cameroon due to his affinity for history and art. Becker supposes that investing in ancient currency was a mirror to his modern approach in the banking world. Becker states, “These days, people put a lot of things on money that people used to put on their gods: security, romance, hope, safety. Money becomes the object of these aspirations.”

Arthur Becker would go on to really push himself into the real estate world. He recently bought a development project at 465 Washington Street in New York. His goal with this building is to turn it into an 8-unit boutique condo that blends his passion for art with his love of all things up scale. We’re excited to see how it turns out! More details can be found on Crunchbase.

A JeanMarie Guenot Level Career

Amphivena Therapeutics was established in 2013 out of San Francisco, California. The CEO and President, JeanMarie Guenot – since her tenure – has managed to lead the company to great pharmaceutical and therapeutic development success. She is a great leader with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, which has brought her not only resolution in her field, but commendable awards.

JeanMarie Guenot, before starting with Amphivena Therapuetics, became the founder of an ophthalmic company (incubator related) called SKS Ocular, which specialties included the following, but not limited to: ocular inflammation and therapeutics for glaucoma. She would also become the vice president of corporate at PDL Biopharma. There, she would successfully lead the R&D department and commercial product portfolios. Her work history is quite lengthy. A more detailed account is available through

Since she became President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, she has helped the firm grow tremendously. The firm at, over the years, has managed to develop numerous solutions directed at eradicating cancerous cells. These solutions have managed to be the hero of many cancer patients.

Throughout her career, Guenot has had the pleasure of earning a couple of prestigious awards. In 2005, she earned the “Bio Business Networks Innovative Bio Partner” award. And in 2006, she earned herself the “Licensing Executives Societies Deal of Distinction” award. Two great accomplishments that were not easy to come by and well deserved.

She is a very important figure when it comes to the progress that has guided her industry to cancer combat solutions. You can find her on social media sites as well, sites such as Crunchbase, where a timeline of her progress is available and Linkedin, where her work history is accessible.

JeanMarie Guenot’s career as President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics has been well deserved. With her leadership, the firm has made much progress and with her background, it is safe to predict continuous pharmaceutical success. As her firm manufactures drugs and treatments for cancer, JeanMarie’s dedication to pharmaceuticals since her start will continue to influence the world of tomorrow.

Eric Lefkofsky, The Man Behind Groupon is Focusing on Big Data to Propel His New Venture to Success

Through the exploitation of big data, a Chicago-based startup is keen on championing personalized cancer therapies. Currently, personalized health care in the fight against cancer is a preserve for the wealthy individuals because it involves sequencing of a person’s genome. The startup aims at leveraging the power of technology, specifically machine learning and data collected from patients who’ve battled cancer to create the new age treatments.

The startup is called Tempus. It was created by two entrepreneurs, Mr Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell.

The company is a first in the collection of big data for cancer patients. It was built on the premise of availing big data for decision making in the fight against cancer. Tempus has based its main offices in Chicago.

Recently, the firm made a major pronouncement. It has entered into a partnership with the University of Chicago to provide genome sequencing and analysis of close to 1,000 breast cancer patients to the University. The breast cancer experts at the institution’s Department of Oncology will then use the data to come up with tailored treatment plans for patients. This approach to cancer treatment is hinged on the fact that different factors such as genetic makeup affect the response of a patient to treatment.

Big data is the basis upon which modern day professionals make decisions. In the long term, the data collected by Tempus will help guide doctors on how they can achieve effective treatment and better patient outcomes. Click here to know more.

Currently, oncologists make treatment decisions based on the limited knowledge they have learned. With big data, doctors will have more detailed and genetic-specific information that could help them make better decisions when administering therapies.

The irony of cancer treatment is that in as much as there are over 1.7 million new cases of cancer that are reported in the US yearly, the public healthcare has data for only 20,000 patients. To achieve the concept of personalized healthcare in the fight against cancer succeeds more resources have to be devoted towards collection and analysis of this data.

The founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is also the brainchild of acclaimed brands such Groupon, Lightbank, Drivin and Mediabank.