Achievements of Sam Boraie and Boraie Development LLC

Sam Boraie serves as the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC, a real estate development company based in New Jersey. The company’s main development projects are based in New Brunswick area. The company began focusing on developing this area more than five years ago, and plans are underway to completely transform New Brunswick City. The company has already developed numerous multi-purpose projects, where new investors and residents have moved in. These developments include city apartments, office space, and commercial areas. Boraie Development LLC has also played critical role of helping the area of Atlantic City recover from a recent economic downturn.

Projects Implemented by Sam Boraie

In the past, New Brunswick was a crime-riddled area, but today, it has been revitalized into a showplace, thanks to Boraie Development LLC. The company has been revitalizing local communities in areas of South Jersey and North Central Jersey. Sam Boraie is tirelessly working hard to ensure that poor areas in New Brunswick have been revitalized again. Under the leadership of Sam, the company has partnered with celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, who in 2013, was invited to commission a project that led to designing and development of condominium tower. In 2015, the company completed The Aspire, a tower in New Brunswick with luxury office space, retail and residential apartments. Those projects that have been completed are opening another window of transforming New Brunswick.

According to Sam, the company has long-term plans, which will be implemented in phases in the next few years. He has predicted that after full implementation of these projects, the city would regain its position as New Jersey’s economic hub. The massive projects being undertaken by the company require substantial funding from other partners and investors. In addition, the company has continued with its aggressive marketing campaigns in order to bring on board more investors, particularly from the neighboring New York. All these projects implemented by Boraie and his company have played crucial part in redevelopment of New Brunswick. Click here to know more.

Sam Boraie’s Charitable Initiatives

While Sam has been largely committed to his family’s business, he has been donating funds to various charitable organizations that help local communities. One of his main interests is the State Theatre of New Jersey, where he is a member of the Board of Trustees together with other local entrepreneurs. Boraie Development is the sponsor of Free Summer Movie Series, an annual event held at State Theatre. This event is not only for entertainment purpose, but is a meeting place where people from different areas interact freely with each other. According to Sam Boraie, the company is proud to be sponsoring such a wonderful event.

In addition, Sam sits on the Advisory Board for Elijah’s promise, a charity program based in New Brunswick. This charity’s aim is to eliminate hunger, through an initiative that uses food as a “tool for change”. Elijah’s Promise targets local community initiatives in the city of New Brunswick. Indeed, all these efforts are meant to benefit the community, and they are achieved through donation from Sam Boraie and his company in collaboration with other organizations.

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