End Citizens United Will Bring In A Major Change

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee. It was started in 2015. This committee is raising funds at a grassroots level. The aim of End Citizens United is to undo the erosion of the political system. This is happening due to the financing of campaigns which is a result of ‘Citizens United.’


Here, End Citizens United is of the belief that if people are rallying and protesting in an organized manner with the voters, candidates along with elected officials watching it; a huge momentum will be built towards change. This is exactly what is required in order to provide the necessary pressure so that the lawmakers are able to take necessary action against it.


End Citizens United will be fighting this use of wealth that leads to rigging in the United States political system. This will be done by passing state ballot measures. Another way is to elect those who will help to further this reform. The elected campaigners will be able to work against Citizens United this way. All this will help in ending usage of unlimited funds in politics. It will also help to stop the usage of black money.


Other measures to be used by End Citizens United include the raising of the issue of using wealth in politics as a matter that is of national importance. Hence it needs to be prioritized. The grassroots level members will be used in order to help in wielding the much required political clout for this issue.


End Citizens United believes that Democrats are already fighting this battle against Citizens United. In fact, it is the Republican leaders who are standing in the way for doing away with this highly unfair decision of the Supreme Court.


Upon its launch, End Citizens United was able to make $25 to $30 million during its cycle. This was informed by their director of communication, Richard Carbo. More than 325,000 signed petitions had been collected. These were demanding that Congress needs to do away with this Supreme Court decision. This number is now expected to grow even more. This is because End Citizens United has entered into a partnership with “Ready for Hillary” campaign. They will be renting out their email list so that it facilitates reaching out to the liberal supporters. Earlier, End Citizens United has endorsed people like Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin as well as Senator Bennet from Colorado.


Richard Carbo considers that End Citizens United is very different from all the other players out there who are fighting for reform.


End Citizens United has a number of plans and ideas. They do not wish to support only those candidates who are going to stand up to Citizens United. Rather, they are also going to protect those who are being attacked by all the big money conservatives. These would include Koch brothers and many others who are like them.


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