Adam Goldenberg: JustFab’s Founder CEO Scaling the Heights of Tech Fashion

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneur journey as a teenager. His first job was building a website for a small accounting firm in St Luis. He later became the youngest COO of Justfab, a publicly traded company on Facebook. He is currently the co-founder/ co-CEO of JustFab Inc., with its subsidiaries; JustFab, Fabkids, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FL2. The company has made over $650 million in yearly sales from 2010. It is among the fastest-growing style brands of the century.

Adam Goldenberg agrees that the fashion world is quickly evolving. He believes that his company has grown because of the online brand’s initiatives in high growth groups. Adam also acknowledges that JustFabs membership model is the most innovative thing they’ve successfully adopted on Customers widely accepted it, and it brought a different loyalty that is beneficial to both.

He also says that an incredible customer experience is where the client receives the exact product that they purchased online. Adam wouldn’t trade his fashion business for anything else because he works with some of the smartest people in town. What they’re doing is revolutionary, challenging, and it attracts the best talent available. As an investor, Adam Goldenberg is drawn to well-funded business models run by intelligent people to produce actual value for the consumer.

LA’s Notable COE: Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldberg recently launched the El Segundo VIP membership fashion brand. He says it would be a big year with the launch of the new outlet and they expect great sales results. Goldenberg has celebrated great business successes in the past: in 1999, he sold a gaming network, Gamers’ Alliance at, after two years of its launch. By 2006, he formed an Internet incubator, Intelligent Beauty, and started JustFab four years later.

The track record JustFab has gained in the last four years is a real sign that Adam’s predictions for the future are correct. In 2013 JustFab fundraised $55 million and also purchased ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery service. JustFab membership program is presently used in five countries and is continually expanding its brands with new products such as activewear brand, Fabletics.

Goldenberg encourages other entrepreneurs to be profit driven and to learn to accept change quickly. The team regularly checks their numbers to keep up with their online businesses. Businesspeople need to grasp both good and bad numbers and work from that perspective.

Adam ensures that JustFab stays relevant by understanding customers’ needs. His design team manufactures and develops the products which help to keep up with the quality of their members. Adam enjoys watching the LA startup community. He says that experienced leaders and businesses need to nurture budding talents in the region.

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