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Karl Heideck currently works at Hire Counsel
Karl Heideck from Philadelphia

Many do not know who a litigator is or what they do. A litigator represents a plaintiff and a defendant in a civil case and are responsible for managing all phases involved in the litigation process, such as investigation, discovery, pleadings, pretrial, appeals, and settlements. Philadelphia based expert litigator, Karl Heideck, has experience in managing such cases from beginning to end.

In most instances cases begin with full investigation – gathering minute-by-minute detail which could fundamentally determine the outcome – whether positive or negative. Karl Heideck understands the ethics and legal obligations with which he’s bound as it pertains to your case, and puts forth his best foot in advocating for his clients, to the best of his capacity, with good intentions.

The investigation feature of the case is often one that involves seeking out the assistance that of other professionals, for example – accountants or private investigators. Identifying witnesses and interviewing them to attain any information or knowledge they posses that might be relevant to the case may be involved.

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When (all) the facts are known, a litigator will initiate a case, integrating them at his client’s request for relief in anticipation of the judge or the jury’s rule – in proceedings which then are filed with the court. A litigator may be appointed to represent the defendant in the case long after the complaint was initially filed.

To become a litigator one needs, at the very least, four years of essential college education to prepare themselves into the path of their career. You must obtain a bachelor’s degree, maintaining a good enough GPA, as that would pave your way into law school. Karl Heideck has vital knowledge and qualifications in the court of law that allow him to represent his clients to the best of his ability. With Karl Heideck as your litigator, you will rest assured knowing you are in good hands.




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