Global Tel Link Is Not Rising To Securus’ Challenge Yet

If I was the CEO of a technology company, and I was tired of hearing a competitor claim that they had more to offer when they obviously did not, I would do what Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies did, and challenge my competitor to back up their claims. As a leading provider of technology solutions for the corrections and public safety sectors, Securus has invested heavily in developing and acquiring new technologies, nevertheless, Global Tel Link (GTL) claims that their solutions are comparable, even though Securus has a larger patent portfolio.


While Smith is seeking an independent third-party to compare the two company’s technologies, it’s doubtful that GTL will accept a public challenge since they are losing customers to Securus and Smith’s challenge, which he terms a bake off, would probably result in Securus gaining even more customers when their contract with GTL is ended.


Prison officials see the advantages of Securus’ innovative products and better service; when the company interviewed customers who migrated from GTL, they preferred Securus. With services such as inmate tablets, voice biometrics and inmate telemedicine, Securus provides advanced services to inmates, while making corrections personnel job’s easier. In addition, Securus has its own employees to install and maintain equipment, unlike GTL, which outsources the work.


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