ClassDojo Bridges The Gap Between Parents And The Classroom

Entrepreneurs and experts in education Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don worked together to create an educational mobile app that makes communication between teachers and parents regarding students work a bit easier and more efficient, and much more accessible. After much searching, the duo still found themselves questioning what was most important to teachers. They felt they needed a better understanding of what teachers desire, or wish they had access to, in order to create a product that would best service their needs.


ClassDojo was launhed in August of 2011 as a classroom management platform and communication tool for parents and teachers. More than two thirds of schools in the United States have embraced the new educational app, and may educators say that it has changed their teaching experience significantly. The app is available for purchase through the Apple App Store and Google Play. ClassDojo works very similar to other popular social media platforms. Users create a profile, and can upload and share stories with all parents, or the parents of just one student. Over 500,000 new members signed up for the innovative communications app everyday near the time that the new school year begins. The downloads were record breaking, and topped those of other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Yelp and Tinder.


Parents and teachers can share photos and videos through the app, and have the option to like and or comment just as one would on Facebook. It gives parents that hands on experience with their child’s learning, that is so very important for each students success. Children need encouragement and praise, often parents are too busy, or simply too tired after a long days work to sit and discuss art and science projects. Too often, the hard work goes unnoticed and unpraised. As the school day goes on, papers get lost and thighs pushed to the bottom of the book bag. ClassDojo provides a space to share these long lost masterpieces. What may have never made it home can now be shared with parents in a safe, secure and private online environment.


So many working parents have the desire to be more involved, but work simply does not allow it. By downloading ClassDojo, parents are breaking that barrier. As long as you have access to your phone, or any mobile device, you can take a dive into your child’s classroom and witness their learning and progress first hand.

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