Sanjay Shah Has The Right Idea For A Charity

Autism Rocks is one of the biggest charities out there today, and it got started by Sanjay Shah because he wanted to do something a lot bigger than what most charities do to raise money. He had this really big dream that would help him make sure he was raising a lot of money for his cause, and he released it on a public that was ready to have these kinds of events. He has put on festivals and the like for the charity, and he does a great job with things that are musical.

The music concerts that are created at Autism Rocks are these blowout affairs that will bring in big names to play a show while people are standing by ready to offer their donations. Someone who is donating at the concert has had a really good time, and they have been given the chance to meet the musicians who play the shows. It is kind of like the ultimate in the backstage experience, and anyone who loves the way that this is done is going to want to give.

Sanjay Shah Denmark also has a big business that he started over at Solo Capital, and that is a big collection of businesses that all help investors. He owns one of the largest and most prestigious investment houses in the heart of London, and he has businesses in the middle east and the Caribbean. It is a big collection of people who offer great experiences for customers, and Sanjay asks a lot of his own customers to come to the events that he has for Autism Rocks.

He believes in the power of giving money to causes that help kids, and he is trying to raise as much as he can as fast as he can. He has a heart for these kids that makes him want to raise even more money every time he gets a chance to start an event, and that is why he did the fun festival for kids and their families. He wants kids with autism to feel a part of the community, and what better way than to include them in a fundraiser.


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