Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Helps People’s Dreams Come True

On May 31st of 2015, Talk Fusion’s Diamond Associates and above got together on the Grand Wailea Chapel Lawn to celebrate Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina. The celebration was the finale to the May Dream Getaway. Reina made the trip possible for his associates, and they showed their appreciation by having a surprise birthday celebration for him.

The Talk Fusion team got together to watch a Dream Getaway recap video, and the crowd was shocked when a second video started to play. The latter video was a birthday tribute put together for Reina. Allison Roberts, VP of Training and Development, created an account that was kept a secret from Reina. Talk Fusion associates from across the globe had access to the email account, and could send videos via email to wish Reina a happy birthday.

For Bob, watching his team members come together to extend him birthday wishes was the greatest present he could receive. The video was a huge surprise for him, but the surprises didn’t stop there.

The Talk Fusion team also presented Reina with a three-tier birthday cake decorated with sparklers for all the party attendants to enjoy. The cake was symbolic of the there things Reina believes in the most: vision, timing and generosity.

Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing video communications companies in the entire world. At the time of this article, Talk Fusion is the the 7th largest company in the world for video communications. The company has also been featured on the news often. Bob Reina has shown unwavering commitment to Talk Fusion, his team members and associates. Talk Fusion is promoted through direct sales and is currently one of the top 50 companies of the Direct Selling Association.

Reina has summed up his success in one phrase: “bring us your dreams, and we’ll help you do the rest.” 

Adam Goldenberg and the Path to Success

Adam Goldenberg is a well-known entrepreneur. He cut his teeth as a youngster in the world of tech. With his longtime partner Ron Ressler, Goldenberg got into the world of fashion with JustFab. Now they are co-CEOs of the company.

When they started out, no one would have guessed that they would end up here. Adam Goldenberg was a whiz kid who sold his first company, Gamers Alliance, while still in high school. Intermix Media, the company he sold to, was the parent of then-giant MySpace, and brought him on board as COO.

Ressler, too, had sold a company to Intermix. After Intermix was sold to News Corporation, the two businessmen paired up. Their first joint venture, Intelligent Beauty, was launched in 2005.

Although they did not seem like the typical pair for the fashion and beauty sphere, Goldenberg and Ressler had vision. They understood what tactics and strategies would transfer from their prior experiences to the new company. They also sought out the input of experts. They sought out stylists and other experts in the industry that they wanted to conquer, and their strategy worked.

Since then, Goldenberg’s track record of success has been nearly unparalleled. JustFab, launched in 2010, is one of Adam’s and Ressler’s latest ventures. As with Intelligent Beauty, the duo sought the input of experts when breaking into the world of women’s fashion. In this case, they landed Kimora Lee Simmons. With her background as both a model, and the driving force behind Baby Phat, she has lent instant credibility to the brand. Her eye for detail and business acumen back up her reputation 100%.

JustFab has taken off in ways that almost no one expected. It was one of the first subscription clothing and accessory services on, and it has become one of the most successful. The brand is known globally.

It has expanded in other ways, too. Originally, offerings were limited to women. However, men’s offerings are now available, too. JustFab is the parent company of athletic line Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids.

Who knows where Goldenberg’s vision will lead next. For someone so young, he has already achieved so much. What’s better, he passes it on, as a partner at Crosscut Ventures. This venture capital company seeks to expand the growth of the tech sector in California by funding the next generation of entrepreneurs. Source:

The Philanthropy of Dick DeVos and the DeVos Family

Dick DeVos and his family have been making a great number of contributions to many different causes. This is why I am a fan of the DeVos family. I have seen successful businessmen give, but I can’t recall a time when I have seen so many people from the same family that have given as much as the DeVos family.

Dick is certainly the masterful businessman that has orchestrated a wave of giving. He is the man that has made the decision to give back to education in a huge way. DeVos and his wife have started a foundation that fuels the giving to education, and this is so beneficial to all the children in Michigan.

As someone that has lived in Michigan I know that any donations to education can be a change in the right direction. Dick DeVos is directly helping improve the economy by donating to the education of children.

DeVos has been able to bring a lot of money to the table for charities because he has been able to make a lot of money over the years. He has followed the footsteps of his father, and that has caused him to be gain a lot of insight on how businesses operate. This gave him the opportunity to maximize profits and build up a charity that would give him the chance to give back.

Dick has been a successful philanthropist that has even inspired me. DeVos has done a great job with building a legacy, and this has made a lot of his family members get involved as well. He has children that have started to give. He has siblings that are giving. The concept of philanthropy is something that people from the DeVos family believe in quite heavily.

I think that their faith is something that compels them to give, but there is more to it than that. Dick DeVos is also someone that has seen how much his family has. He feels that he has been privileged. His children have had the privileges that were even greater than his. What I believe is that he has started to realize that there are not a lot of kids that have this same type of privilege. He realizes that children that do not get proper education will not have the chance to follow their dreams. He wants to give children a fair chance with proper education.

Keep Your Sterling Reputation With Search Cleanup

You started your business with the idea of it growing into something you never imagined it could be. You, as a startup entrepreneur, know that it is the products and services you sell that make your profits grow. Learn more about how they can clean up negative articles at

But, in addition to the products and services you put on the market, your reputation plays a large role in your business success. When you have to start protecting your reputation from others, then you want to have a group in your corner to help.

There are those who are jealous of the success you are enjoying. Some of those people will try to bring your business down by attacking you online. And, if they are successful in their attacks, your customers and potential customers will start believing what they are reading, even if you know it’s not true. What do you do?

Don’t fight back. That is not the way to convince your current customers that you and your company is steady handed. Let your customers know that even though they see the attacks as well, they will receive even more great value from you, and that they will see business continuing just like it always has. Make sure you check out the website

Stay focused on what you are doing and if you need to vent, then do that with those you trust. Lastly, remember why you started your business in the first place. Your success will show others you are determined to succeed. In doing so, you will grow your business because actions speak louder than words.

Wengie Face Massage Tutorial Recap

In this video, YouTuber Wengie explains that face massage is a natural way to slim your face that has been popular in Asia for many years. She names some of the benefits of this practice, including brightening complexion, tightening sagging skin, age spots, eye bags, and removing toxins and bloating. She notes that drinking lots of water and eating a low-sodium diet will help reduce bloating even more to complement the effects of the facial massage.

She names some possible massage tools including a large Chinese spoon, a plastic face massager, handcrafted stone tool. Wengie also notes that you will need a facial or cleansing oil to act as a lubricant to avoid skin irritation while moisturising. She then lists things to avoid during facial massage. The first is not to use any sharp or harsh tool. The second is to ensure the skin stays well lubricated so you don’t damage your face. Her third tip is to avoid massaging any areas of broken skin since they are already irritated and getting oil in them might cause infection. Before starting the actual tutorial, Wengie explains the basics of the practice including using firm pressure, using your hand to hold your skin taught, and working from the top of your face downwards.

Finally, Wengie demonstrates the massage technique, starting with putting oil on her face. She explains that you should scrape in an upward motion on all parts of the face except the neck. She massages her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and jawline. She scrapes downwards from the neck toward the body so it can flush out all the toxins that had been in her face. She ends by comparing her facial measurements before and after the massage and sees that she lost 10mm.


Learn more about Wengie: