Fully Transparent Solar Panels

Alternate renewable energy sources have been a subject undergoing intense study in our growing environmentally conscious society. In that field solar power is becoming one of the forerunners for its adaptability and cost effectiveness ever since 2010, when commercial production became more widespread. Mainstream solar cells attempt to capture the broadest range of the light spectrum to increase their output, but are opaque, limited to solar farms, and are ineffective in the cramped quarters of urban environments. To Date, a recent breakthrough has yielded transparent panels which could be used to replace windows in corporate office buildings, vehicles, or as screens for mobile devices. This innovative technology offers a modern way to apply effective energy conversion in an unobtrusive way directly where needed, which would reduce the current problems often associated with the transportation or regulation of power.

Until now, previous developments of “transparent” solar cells were only partially translucent leaving a dull colored shadow, however, they retained 7% efficiency. The prototype for the fully transparent solar panels at this time produces a 1% coefficient, but researchers are confident they can increase that productivity to 10%. The number of panes used on a large scale, replacing windows in a skyscraper for example, would help offset their current inefficiencies. As solar cells become more applicable in our daily lives we can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels instead focusing on a cleaner, functional, and bountiful energy source.

FreedomPop attempts to produce lower cell phone and WIFI bills

The world of cell phone services is growing increasingly crowded as more and more service providers appear in the marketplace for the user to choose from. One of the latest entrants to appear in the marketplace is the 2011 entrant FreedomPop, which began life offering unlimited cell phone calls and data usage over a series of patched together networks that are easy to use and provides service across the US. FreedomPop is now looking to put its use of network providers across the US to use with the introduction of a series of wifi hotspots that allow a user to make calls and access the Internet anywhere they can connect to the Internet via the networks provided by different carriers.

This FreedomPop review points out the startup has been a major player in the growth of Internet based calling and data usage based on the availability of wifi hotspots across the nation, which can make it simple for individuals to remain linked to their friends and family no matter where they find themselves. Because FreedomPop created a network of mobile networks linked by a series of hotspots operated by different providers they can allow all their users to remain linked to the Internet at all times and make the calls or messages they require over the course of a day, month and year.

The founders and operators of FreedomPop have also been looking at the best ways of offering their service and have created a series of plans that make it possible for every user to link to their network. The provider of Internet and cell phones knows that almost every town and city in the US is now covered by a wifi hotspot offered by a network FreedomPop has a service agreement with. By the start of 2015 the company offered its customers access to almost 10 million hotspots across the US and Canada.